ООО "Мелитопольский завод автотракторных глушителей "ЮТАС"
"Melitopol factory of autotractor silencers "UTAS" Ltd.

Furniture frames

A  good furniture, like good recipe is the ingredients, without which it can not do. That such “ingredients” are the frames of the furniture pillow top UTAS Ltd., which are characterized by their strength and durability.

The essence of orthopedic effect in the frame of our production reflected in the use of curved birch or beech slats with a width of 53 mm and a thickness of 8mm.

From the beginning of 2016 in the production of furniture frames introduced a new folding mechanism for a sofa system “accordion”. The mechanism of this system is expanded easily by the principle of bunching and requires no additional physical effort.

Due to the fact that the sofas with the mechanism of “accordion” have a high, wide, and flat bed they are perfect for a night stay disassembled and is very compact and practical when used together.