ООО "Мелитопольский завод автотракторных глушителей "ЮТАС"
"Melitopol factory of autotractor silencers "UTAS" Ltd.

Metallic doors

Make your own house comfortable and safe everyone wants. But the choice of quality doors and necessary fittings may be delayed for a very long time, as today there are many manufacturers of such products.

That is why the range of products of “UTAS” Ltd., there are metal entrance doors to the apartments and streets, which are characterized by their durability, quality fittings, with multiple anti-theft systems.


Buying doors “UTAS” Ltd., you can always count on such benefits as:

  • Locks from the best manufacturers
  • “crab” system
  • Crossbars or locking point
  • High protection against burglary
  • A variety of finishes
  • High integrity
  • Noise and heat insulation
  • Reasonable price.

We offer our customers the most reliable front door at a reasonable price.