ООО "Мелитопольский завод автотракторных глушителей "ЮТАС"
"Melitopol factory of autotractor silencers "UTAS" Ltd.

Exhaust system for cars

Since 2000 “Melitopol factory of auto tractor silencers “UTAS” Ltd., begin to care about environmental preservation, producing quality exhaust systems for cars.

Our engineers continuously develop and improve the exhaust system in such a way as to minimize the noise from the engine.

Each type of our products undergoes numerous inspections and testing.

To date, we can offer a wide range of silencers from ordinary black steel and also a significant assortment of aluminized mufflers, which are presented in the form of setting primary and secondary silencers for all models of vehicles.

Units and details of our mufflers are made on modern imported equipment purchased in the enterprise, which is the official supplier to the Assembly lines of Korean automakers.


The advantages of the exhaust systems from “UTAS”:


  1. All offered products are certified, Ser-t UA1.032.0077437-11 number that confirms its compliance on the noise characteristics of DSTU UN / ECE R 59-00: 2002 (p.p.6.2, 6.3), and product design meets the requirements of TU In 34.3-30952054-002: 2008.


  1. for sealing our products has no analogues, as it is 100% tested on special stands. And regular testing of finished products on the control conductors eliminates problems with the installation of mufflers on the car.


  1. For compliance with warranty conditions and identification of the brand on the case is branded with the date of manufacture and logo.


  1. Buying aluminized mufflers, “UTAS”Ltd., you get the quality of the silence in the cabin of your car at the best price and in the long term!


  1. There are various packaging options at customer’s request.