ООО "Мелитопольский завод автотракторных глушителей "ЮТАС"
"Melitopol factory of autotractor silencers "UTAS" Ltd.

Exhaust system on agricultural machinery

Every farmer knows how important it is to comply with fire safety on the field when the sun is high in the sky, and dried them with a crop awaiting harvest. After all, one spark can destroy the fruits of labor of many months of work. Worrying about the safety of crops, engineers of “UTAS” Ltd., has developed the design of the muffler for tractors MTZ.

For the long way through the muffler the gases to repeatedly change direction of movement, and the sparks flying from the engine, extinguished upon hitting the inner surface of the muffler. This ensures a quiet operation of the tractor.


The advantages of tractor mufflers from “UTAS”:


  1. The muffler has been tested at the Kharkov NIO №1 Ukr NII PB Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the definition of performance and is recommended for use GU MPO Ukraine
  2. Corresponding safety requirements according to GOST 12.2.019 and GOST 12.2.002
  3. The level of external noise on the tractor muffler provided within no more than 85 dBA.
  4. Design Tractor silencer complies with fire safety requirements according to GOST 12.1.004
  5. The coating heat-resistant enamel KO-828 (silver) or lacquer BT-75 (black)

6. There are various packaging options as desired consumer